The 23rd Annual Meeting of Thai Hip & Knee Society (THKS) and Thai Hip & Knee Association [THKA] RE-Imagine Hip and Knee Surgery 3rd-5th December 2021 Sheraton Hua Hin, Thailand

Invitation Letter

Covid-19 Prevention policies

  1. Attendees must be fully vaccinated, and the document is required before admission. It can be both an official certificate or the Mor Prom mobile application.
  2. All of the event and hotel staff are fully vaccinated.
  3. Attendees’ temperature needs to be checked before admission. Hand sanitizer and spare masks are prepared all around the venue.
  4. Attendees and staff must be wearing masks while attending the event venue (face shield can be worn as appropriate).
  5. Meeting room seats are limited, and all seats will keep distancing from each other as the government requires.
  6. The maximum capacity of event attendees is limited, as the government requires.
  7. The hotel’s COVID-19 prevention protocol also meets the standards set by the state.
*The event will still be held as an on-site event. However, if any COVID-19 situations occur, the event’s committee will reconsider changing the event into a virtual or hybrid form as appropriate.

Hip & Knee Stories